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Vállalkozásunk segít általános iskoláknak, középiskolai és egyéb intézményeknek egyedi rájuk szabott pulóverek és más egyedi termékek elkészítésében. Termékeink segítenek a csapatérzés kialakításában és az összetartozás érzésének erősítésében.


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Order Steps

Demand Survey

Once we have contacted each other we will discuss exactly what products you need. This is followed by an assessment of design ideas, what colors, shapes, or symbols may appear during its design.

Custom Design

Our designer will create a pattern that fits the needs assessed in the first step. This sample will be sent to the customer and, after further consultation, will be processed, added or removed from the sample if necessary. 


Our company offers help with the organization. Whether it’s supporting the marketing process or managing the money, we can support the process at any point in the process by prior arrangement. 


Follow-up is an important part of such a project. In most cases, there is a need for re-ordering, which we also help to process quickly. If required, the logo can be renewed from order to order. 

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Újpesti Csokonai Gimnázium

Order Period:
2022.03.30 - 2022.04.13

Arany János Technikum

Order Period:
2022.03.30 - 2022.04.16

Don't have hoodie at your school yet? We are waiting for your application.

We Are Available...

For Schools

Our goal is to bring the world of custom sweaters, which is very popular in America, to domestic schoolchildren as well. The products help to feel a sense of belonging to the community, students are happy to wear the products of their institution.

For Companies

We believe that with well-designed products, we can help you build a team and form a sense of community. If you have a symbol but you are not happy with it, or you want to create an image for your company right now, we will help you find a solution.

For Teams

Have you ever faced how difficult it is to build a team spirit as a leader? We undertake the design and construction of unique products that reflect the characteristics of the team and at the same time the members of the team are happy to wear it.

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